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Who are we

we are the europe africa business group

We're a team of Companies, who work together to create strong, longlasting partnerships. We take pride in delivering only the best.

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It always seems impossible until it's done

- Nelson Mandela -

Our team

We're a talented team build to set up business between Europe and Africa. We craft the best solutions. We think before we do and we make it happen.

Try not to become a man of succes. Rather became a man of value

- Albert Einstein -


We believe in sustainable business between Europe and Africa. Our experience in the Angola market has been build up over the last ten years and based on that we can provide added value in making your business successful. That is why we developed the following services:

Know-how / Human Capital sourcing and Matchmaking

A good idea deserves to be explored and we know how to find the Know-How for it. We also know where to find Human Capital on the local staff market and have access to existing Angolan Human Capital in Europe. We have an extended network on various levels in Angolan society which will help to find your partners in business.

Finance Sourcing

Sustainable economic activities in the 3rd world sometimes need start-up support from the 1st world. We develop Angolan needs into feasible applications for European Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s), ready for application or tender.


Providing knowledge is a nobel trade, but lies the basis for sustainable company's. With our knowledge in various areas we are there to be your consultant. We provide knowledge to the following areas: ICT, Agricultural development, Watermanagement, Solar technology

Trade Services and Interfacing

Suppliers have products that can be sold in the Angolan market. The Angolan market is constantly searching for goods as almost 80% of consumer goods are imported. We divert questions from the Angolan market to procurement of European manufactured products. We also divert product offers from European manufacturers to Angolan clients. This activity is commission driven when we connect client and supplier or fee driven when we perform market research for a supply.

New Business Set-up

Angola is more and more ready for production. Government has invested huge sums of money in infrastructure and this must result in production capacity, job creation and export. We support foreign investors to find it’s space in this development through B2B concepts and strategized entry into this emerging market.

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